India’s Ramananda-Siddharth pair wins gold in 3m synchronised diving

By | October 1, 2019

Bengaluru, 1 Oct 2019: India’s Ramananda Sharma and Siddharth Pradeshi were spectacular as they came up with winning performance in the 3m synchronised diving for the open category men on the penultimate day of the 10th Asian Age Group Championships in Bengaluru. 

Artistic events in progress on Tuesday

Ramananda Sharma and Siddharth Pradeshi scored an impressive 309.42 to win ahead of Ali Shakoul and Mojtaba Valipour of Iran (272.52) and Abdulaziz Khaled Balgaith and Shewaiter Mohammed Ahmed from Qatar (210.96). “We were very confident of winning the gold medal in this event. Siddharth has also improved a lot after his FINA scholarship in Kazan where he has been training. Both of us have good understanding and we worked together on our dives during the national camp in Pune. It has worked out well,” expressed Sharma who had earlier won gold in the 1m spring board event and silver medal in the 3m spring board event.  

In the 3m spring board event for group III girls, Palak Sharma of India won an impressive silver medal with a total score of 200.65 points. Sudirman Nur Nufidah of Indonesia won gold with 206.10 points while Wai Ki Chan of Hong Kong won the bronze medal with 163. 65 points. 

“I am happy to win silver in this event. I thought I had a chance for the gold but few of my dives didn’t go as planned which brought down my scores. I was also slightly nervous because this is my first international competition. I am very inspired by the other Indian divers, I think we have a great group now and I have a lot to learn from them. I have another event tomorrow and I hope I can win a gold in that and end the event on a high note,” stated the youngster who had earlier won silver in 1m spring board event. 

With this effort, India extended their total medal tally to 62 medal (18 gold, 24 silver and 20 bronze) in the prestigious championships, which is the largest aquatic event in Asia. 

Meanwhile in artistic swimming, Kazakhstan won two gold medals through Snegiryova Varvara in solo group C and Myasnikova Arina in solo group B respectively while Japan won gold in the solo group A performance via Ami Wada.

Diving Results: 
3m Spring Board (Group III Boys)
1. Sugimoto Ruon (JPN) (320.00)2. Jamshidi Mohammed (IRN) (258.60)3. Kirill Novikov (KZK) (252.15)
3m Spring Board (Group III Girls)1. Sudirman Nur Nufiidah (IDN) (206.10)2. Palak Sharma (IND) (200.65)3. Wai Ki Chan (HKG) (163.65)
3m Spring Board (Group I Girls)1. Liang Yixian (CHN) (418.40)2. Zhang Rui (CHN) (385.75)3. Kondo Hana (JPN) (362.05)
3m Spring Board (Group I Boys)1. Daoyi Long (CHN) (557.85)2. Yang Ling (CHN) (549.10)3. Lewandowski Conrad (THA) (438.45)
Platform (5m/7.5m) (Group II Girls)1. Zhang Minjie (CHN) (383.00)2. Raika Mochiduki (JPN) (265.40)3. Ramanya Yanmongkon (THA) (232.10)
Platform (5m/7.5m) (Group II Boys)1. Zexiong Yao (CHN) (451.30)2. Yongxin Zhu (CHN) (449.50)3. Niwa Kouga (JPN) (347.70)
3m Spring Board Synchro (Open Category Men)1. Siddharth Pardeshi & Ramananda Sharma (IND) (309.42)2. Ali Shakoul & Mojtaba Valipour (IRN) (272.52)3. Abdulaziz Khaled Balgaith & Shewaiter Mohammed Ahmed (QTR) (210.96)
3m Spring Board Synchro (Open Category Women)1. Borova Yelizaveta & Zhuravleva Juliya (KZK) (200.73)2. Lai Tu Yen & Mo Tzu I (TPE) (157.41)
Artistic swimming (Solo Group C)1. Snegiryova Varvara (KAZ)2. Tsui Ming Yiu (HKG)3. Prokofeva kseniya (UZB)
Artistic swimming (Solo Group B)1. Myasnikova Arina (KAZ)2. Toshkujaeva Ziyodakhon (UZB)3. Tay, Sandra sen-li (SIN)
Artistic swimming (Solo Group A)1. Ami Wada (JAP)2. Zhang Haiya (CHN)3. Zhiyengazy Zhaniya (KAZ) 

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