Double gold for Kushagra Rawat; Shoan Ganguly, Srihari, Speedo athlete Maana add a gold each

By | September 24, 2019

Bengaluru, 24 September 2019: Brilliant performance by Kushagra Rawat fashioned Indian gold haul of six along with six silver and five bronze on the first day of the 10th Asian Age Group Swimming Championships which began at the Padukone-Dravid Centre of Sports Excellence here on Tuesday.

Rawat won a gold each in 200m and 800m freestyle event while Shoan Ganguly, Srihari Nataraj and Speedo athlete Maana Patel added to the Indian gold medal haul for an overall 17 medals for India on Day 1.

A sensational swim in the 200m freestyle in the open men’s category saw Kushagra Rawat win India’s first individual gold medal following the opening ceremony inaugurated by Dr Narinder Dhruv Batra, President, Indian Olympic Association. The packed gallery broke into loud cheers as Rawat clocked 1:52.30 seconds while fellow Indian Anand Anil Kumar finished third with a time of 1:54.19 seconds to win the gold and bronze medals in this event. Syria’s Abbas Omar finished second and was only a fraction of a second slower than Rawat with a time of 1:52.33 seconds. 

A visibly happy Rawat said: “I caught up with my opponent in the last 75 metres. I looked up and saw my opponent was right next to me and I had a lot left in me and I decided to go all out. I beat by opponent by a margin and I’m sure I can better my time to 1:51 seconds.”

Rawat made it a sweet double later in the evening as he struck another gold in the 800m freestyle event for open category men. He clocked 8:10.05 to win ahead of Chang Cheng Livei (8:20.14) of Chinese Taipei and Abbas Omar (8:31.64) of Syria.  

Shoan Ganguly also won gold for India in the 200 metres individual medley group II boys with a time of 2:11.18. He also won the silver in the 200 metres freestyle clocking 1:55.18 seconds apart from winning a silver in the 4X100 metres freestyle relay for group II boys. 

Shoan Ganguly
Shoan Ganguly

Srihari Nataraj and Maana Patel took India’s count to an impressive six gold medals, with their stupendous effort in the 50m backstroke event for open category men and women respectively. Nataraj clocked 25.30 to win the gold while Patel clocked 29.92. 

Though Patel expressed satisfaction with her timing, Nataraj was a tad disappointed. “My personal best is actually 29.30 which I had clocked four years ago at the same meet in Bangkok but after my injury I struggled over the past four years and could not break the sub-30 seconds barrier. But to have done it today gives me the confidence to go faster,” said Maana Patel,who is supported by Speedo. 

Srihari, on the other hand, said, “I think my finish was poor. I glided too long but I am glad I had taken enough lead which helped me finish first. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my main event – the 100m backstroke and I can’t afford any such errors.” He beat Atayev Merdan (26.30) from Turkmenistan and Chograthin Kasipat (26.36) from Thailand.   

Speedo Athlete Maana Patel gets a gold

Meanwhile, India’s ace swimmer and another Speedo athlete Sajan Prakash won the silver medal in the 200 metres individual medley. He finished behind Ketin Nuttapong (2:0629) and ahead of Sukkieo Phuwadon (2:08.21) both from Thailand. Likith Selvaraj also added to India’s medal tally by winning the bronze medal in the 100 metres breaststroke men’s open category with time of 1:02.19 seconds. Vladislav Mustafin (1:01.41) of Uzbhekistan and Denis Petrashov (1:01.88) of Kyrgyzstan finished first and second respectively. 

India wins big in relays: 

Earlier in the day, the open category men’s relay team comprising of Srihari Nataraj, Anand Anilkumar, along with Speedo athletes Sajan Prakash and Virdhawal Khade registered India’s first gold in the 4X100 metres men’s freestyle relay in the morning session.

The Indian team clocked a time of 3:23.72 seconds, almost five seconds faster than Iran who finished second with a time of 3:28.46 sec and Uzbekistan who finished third clocking 3:30.59 sec. First to get off the blocks for India, Srihari ensured his team got off to a flying start as he touched the pads at 50.68 seconds while Iranian swimmer Sina Gholampour finished him at 51.42 seconds. Anand, swimming the second hundred of the 4x100m relay, was impressive as he kept up the lead. He swam the distance in 51.28 seconds while Sajan swimming the third hundred clocked 51.37 seconds while Virdhawal Khade’s powerful 50.39 seconds on the clock guaranteed India’s place on top of the podium.

In the 4x100m freestyle relay for open category women, Indian team comprising Rujuta Khade (59.83), Divya Satija (1:01.61), Shivani Kataria (59.57) and Maana Patel (59.75) won a silver medal with a total time of 4:00.76 seconds while Thailand bagged the gold with 3:54.29 seconds and Hong Kong finished third with a time of 4:08.64 seconds.   

India’s second silver medal came in the 4x100m freestyle relay for group II boys. The team featuring Vedaant Madhavan (55.27), Utkarsh Patil (57.10), Sahil Laskar (54.83) and Shoan Ganguly (54.29) clocked a total time of 3:41.49 seconds. They finished behind Japan who won the gold with a time of 3:34.60 which was a New Meet Record (NMR). The previous record of 3:39.03 seconds was also held by Japan. Bronze medal was won by Chinese Taipei who clocked 3:42.29 seconds. 

In the group I boys 4x100m freestyle relay, India won bronze with a time of 3:33.52 seconds. The team comprising Vikkas P (54.31), CJ Sanjay (53.92), Adhithya D (52.70), Tanish George Mathew (52.59) finished third behind Hong Kong who finished first with a time of 3:28.32 while Japan was close second with a time of 3:28.34 seconds.  

The other medal winners from India are Shivani Kataria who won silver in the open category 200 metres freestyle with a time of  2:05.75 second.

Day 1: (Final Results) 

4x100m Freestyle (Open Category Women)
1. Thailand (3:54:29)

2. India (4:00:76)

3. Hong Kong (4:08:64)

4x100m Freestyle (Open Category Men)

1.India (3:23:72)

2. Iran (3:28:46)

3. Uzbekistan (3:30:59)

4x100m Mixed Medley (Group I)

1. Japan (3:58:62)

2. Hong Kong (4:04:69)

3. Chinese Taipei (4:06:06)

4x100m Freestyle (Group II Boys)

1.Japan (3:34:60)

2. India (3:41:49)

3. Chinese Taipei (3:42:29)

4x100m Freestyle (Group I Boys)

1.Hong Kong (3:28:32)

2. Japan (3:28:34)

3. India (3:33:52)   

4x100m Freestyle (Group I Girls)  

1. Hong Kong (3:53:78) 

2. Japan (3:54:32)

3. Thailand (3:59:87)

4x100m Freestyle (Group II Girls)

1.Hong Kong (3:55:42)

2. Japan (3:57:69)

3. Thailand (3:58:04)

200m Freestyle (Open category Men)

1. Kushagra Rawat (IND) (1:52.30)

2. Abbas Omar (SYR) (1:52.33)

3. Anand AnilKumar (IND) (1:54.19)

200m Freestyle (Open category Women)

1. Junkrajang Natthanan (THA) (2:02.89)

2. Shivani Kataria (IND) (2:05.75)

3. Yamsuan Fonpray (THA)(2:05.80)

400m Freestyle (Group I Boys)

1. Cheuk Ming Ho (HKG) (3:55.27)

2. Kurokawa Shui (JAP) (3:55.36)

3. Chen Ende (CHN) (3:56.46)

400m Freestyle (Group I Girls)

1. Lyu Dongze (CHN) (4:17.10)

2. Zhou Chanzhen (CHN) (4:17.34)

3. Ho Nam Wai (HKG) (4:19.00)

200m Freestyle (Group II Boys)

1. Liu Haiyang (CHN) (1:54.62)

2. Shoan Ganguly (IND) (1:55.18)

3. Maki Kiriyama (JAP) (1:55.62)

200m Freestyle (Group II Girls)

1. Lau Ping Yi Audrey (HKG) (2:04.43)

2. Kwanmuang Kamonchanok (THA) (2:05.65)

3. Suzuki Ayami (JAP) (2:06.65)

100m Breaststroke (Open category Men)

1. Vladislav Mustafin (UZB) (1:01.41)

2. Denis Petrashov(KYR)(1:01.88)

3. Likith Selvaraj (IND) (1:02.19)

100m Breaststroke (Group I Boys)

1. Tokubuchi Rin (JAP) (1:02.91)

2. Lin Yu Wei (TPE) (1:03.25)

3. Aleksey Sidorchuk (UZB) (1:04.26)

100m Breaststroke (Group I Girls)

1. Kagimoto Ayaka (JAP) (1:10.75)

2. Lam Hoi Kiu (HON) (1:11.94)

3. Chen Jing An (TPE) (1:14.45)

100m Breaststroke (Group II Boys)

1. Okadome Yamato (JAP) (1:04.5)

2. Huang Chun Chieh (TPE) (1:08.18)

3. Taguinod Jalil Sephraim (PHL) (1:08.77)

Breaststroke (Group II Girls)

1. Fujinawa Yuka (JAP) (1:11.66)

2. Hui Ka Ling (HKG) (1:14.09)

3. Sofiya Abubakirova (KZK) (1:14.40)

100m Breaststroke (Open Category Women)

1.Vu Thi Phuong Anh (VIE) (1:11.84)

2. Boonamphai Saovanee (THA) (1:12.45)

3. Srisa Ard Jenjira (THA) (1:12.49) 

200m IM (Open Category Men)

1. Ketin Nuttapong (THA) (2:06.29)

2. Sajan Prakash (IND) (2:07.24)

3. Sukkieo Phuwadon (THA) (2:08.21)

200m IM (Open Category Women)

1. Pawapotako Phiangkhwan (THA) (2:21.41)

2. Wong Ching Lam Athena (HKG) (2:22.42)

3. Nimdam Kanitta (THA) (2:23.96)

200m IM (Group I Boys)

1. Terakado Genki (JAP) (2:06.05)

2. Pan Zhanle (CHN) (2:08.27)

3. Chu Chen Kai (TPE) (2:08.95)

200m IM (Group I Girls)

1. Tanigawa Ageha (JAP) (2:18.28)

2. Yamagishi Kotomi (JAP) (2:22.53)

3. Elizaveta Rogozhnikova (KYR) (2:24.23)

200m IM (Group II Boys)

1. Shoan Ganguly (IND) (2:11.18)

2. Nakamitsu Ryo (JAP) (2:12.02)

3. Ilya Krasnoyarov (KZK) (2:16.02)

200m IM (Group II Girls)

1. Yin Jiahe (CHN) (2:17.52)

2. Kizuki Ichika (JAP) (2:18.18)

3. Pholjamjumrus Jinjutha (THA) (2:20.38)

50m Backstroke (Open Category Men)

1. Srihari Natraj (IND) (25.30)

2. Atayev Merdan (TUK) (26.30)

3. Chograthin Kasipat (THA) (26.36)

50m Backstroke (Open Category Women)

1. Maana Patel (IND) (29.92)

2. Boonamphai Saovanee (THA) (30.29)

3. Nimdam Kanitta (THA) (30.39)

50m Backstroke (Group I Boys)

1. Ng Cheuk Yin (HKG) (26.29)

2. Adilbek Yusupbaev (UZB) (26.54)

3. Ali Alzamil (KUW) (26.80)

50m Backstroke (Group I Girls)

1. Izuhara Nagisa (JAP) (29.65)

2. Elizaveta Rogozhnikova (KYR) (30.20)

3. Suvana Basker (IND) (30.32)

50m Backstroke (Group II Boys)

1. Narushima Yoshitoku (JAP) (27.63)

2. Sahil Laskar (IND) (28.11)

3. Kirill Lyubimov (KZK) (28.43)

50m Backstroke (Group II Girls)

1. Sasaki Miri (JAP) (29.26)

2. Lee Yan Hei (HON) (30.58)

3. Ridhima Kumar (IND) (30.64)

800m Freestyle (Open Category Men)
1. Kushagra Rawat (IND) (8:10.05)
2. Chang Cheng Li Wei (TPE) (8:20.14)
3. Abbas Omar (SYR) (8:31.64)

800m Freestyle (Open category Women)

1. Junkrajang Natthanan (THA) (9:14.25)

 2. Teeka Katawan (THA) (9:23.69)3. Shivani Kataria (IND) (9:27.62)