THe Hindu article on Hima Das by Sarangi

By | July 31, 2018

At a time when in-depth stories are rare, this good story from the stables of the Hindu, which covers Indian Sport in a systematic way, breathes a fresh life into `sports reporting’ in India.  Yajnavalkya B. Sarangi (@ybsarangi) is a senior sports writer from Odisha, now reporting from Delhi for the National Newspaper, which also boasts of a long-standing and popular sports magazine in Sports Star.

Here is a brief excerpt from the Hindu article published on July 20. You can read the full article here.

The Article:

Hima Das’ historic gold at the World U20 Championships captured the nation’s imagination. Coaches say the 18-year-old quartermiler has the potential to be a breakout star, but she will need support and careful handling

No device can measure the impact created by Hima Das in Tampere, Finland. Considering the buzz the historic gold medal generated in the news and social media, one can safely assume that Hima caught the nation’s imagination when she became the first Indian to win a track event at an elite world competition.

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For a country starved of success at the top level, Hima’s shining 400m gold at the World U20 Championships has provided a ray of hope.

Indeed, her rise, which has attracted sceptical scrutiny, is nothing short of magical. Spotted last January, the girl from the remote Kandhulimari village near Dhing town in Assam has made light of the hardships of staying alone in Guwahati to break one barrier after another. She has improved her times in fast-forward mode, first at national and international youth meets and then at the elite competitions.

Indian Sports dot Org wishes reporters like Sarangi in their endeavours to bring the stars closer to people!

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