SOMETHING IS MISSING…………………………., still Shiva Keshavan carries Indian flag at Winter Olympics, one last time

By | February 10, 2018

Image Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Bangalore, 10 Feb 2018: Shiva Keshavan is an Indian Olympian but many of us have not heard his name yet. He is the only Indian to have taken part in six Olympics. `Something is missing’, he said to the Indian media. Despite the huge amount of `passion’ in India, there is something missing, the Luge Olympian lamented.

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And here comes from my other favourite NEWSPAPERS in the world! THE NEW YORK TIMES…. for once, my favourite hero.

As a 16-year old, the teenage Keshavan had to borrow a luge, the tools which he needed to take part in his Olympics, to make history bringing India to the Winter Olympics, the quadrennial extravaganza, a poor cousin of the more popular Summer Olympics, where Indian men’s hockey team ruled the roost before the Europeans took over and currently the former Masters are trying to learn from their students.

After that conspicuous debut, Keshavan has taken part four more Olympics to create a record of sorts without much support from sponsors, government, association or anything once can imagine a sportsperson gets in the ordinary circumstances.

He is the proud flag-bearer of the Indian Tricolour for the Indian contingent yesterday to have one last go at, perhaps, his last Olympics, at the age of 36. Twenty years of glorious sporting achievement as well as ignominious existence as an Olympian. The UNSUNG heroes of India! wishes him all the best! May his tribe increase!!!